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"I wish I sucked at life."

(Said no one ever.)


You've seen her.

The girl who’s always laughing, listening, touching.

It’s no secret, she makes time for herself.

She moves her body, gets enough rest and always smells the best.

Her life is the perfect amount of messy, organized spontaneity.

She's well-styled, people savvy, a leader to many.

Life is eagerly waiting for her to happen, not the other way around.


“Because life is meant to be lived” she says.


She hustles, she hugs, she sweats and she sips

and she’s settled in her bones, feels good in her body.

Actually, you know her,


It's you.


It starts from the inside out but there’s nothing wrong with getting a little help from the outside in.

On Oil & Grain you'll find tools and inspiration influencing the adoption of a rad, well-loved, health-filled, modern life.

Founder and lead contributor Leah Lindsay's extensive background in and obsession with fitness, fashion and cool sh*t basically makes her an expert in all fields. Her street cred includes: Personal brand expert and management consultant, lululemon athletica ambassador and former manager, queen of hiding new clothes from her spouse, spin and yoga instructor, AFAA certified and wife to a husband who has way more Kinesiology and coaching credentials than she could ever dream of having.