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"I wish I sucked at life"

(said no one ever.)

Align your body, align your life.

Oil & Grain is your digital success and wellness guide composed of tools and advice from accomplished people that rule at life.

small changes lead to big shifts.

Extreme changes don't require dramatic moves. You don't need 10 years worth of certifications, to take a vow of silence for 12 months at a Buddhist Monastary or cycle the globe solo to change your life.

But you do need action.

I write posts and interview people. Each one is intended to inspire and provide you with tools to make you mega successful at whatever you want. I talk about habits, health, business and social connection and whether it's a CEO, professional athlete, clothing designer or world class entrepreneur, they all share one thing:


In motion, moving forward, doing the work, it doesn't matter how you say it. Studies in positive psychology show that progress is one of the primary ingredients for a happy life, that joy is the number one feeling associated with moving towards our potential.

Growth cannot thrive in your comfort zone and if you're not growing, you're not moving.

Your stagnant (what an awful word). So get ready to wave goodbye to inaction. Settling is like Voldemort. It's bad and will not be spoken about here. Opportunity is waiting for you, all you need to do is actively seek it, using smart, strategic, proven actions.

To be good at what you do your body and mind need to play along.

The saying healthy body = healthy mind rings true in this digital playbook. In it you'll find great nuggets throughout about how prioritizing wellness will increase your performance. Developing your whole self; your creative and business mind, relationships with others, and healthy habits are what's going to create game changing moves in your life.

Align your body, align your life.

If you want to know how the greats have gotten to where they are today and don't want to read 1000 page books about it then take this digital journey with me.