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Tiny Finch Oil & Grain

Imagine shopping for a living, buying based on gut instinct, and having people shower you with compliments at what you’ve selected… and this is how you earn a living. #lifegoals anyone? I’ve just described a fabulous corner of Courtney Beauchamp’s life, owner of The Tiny Finch, a store that everyone wants to buy from and everyone wishes they owned in one of San Antonio’s trendiest neighborhoods, Pearl.

"It’s a sensory experience stepping into The Tiny Finch."

She describes it as a ‘lifestyle store’, people place an emotional value on things and let me tell you, Courtney does a fantastic job selecting items that evoke a feeling in a girl. It’s a sensory experience stepping into The Tiny Finch. You’re greeted with heaps of vibrant textiles (all of which you’ll want to touch), scents from various lotions and candles (that somehow blend perfectly together), jewelry that you can’t wait to try on and that piece of furniture you’ve been hunting for to complete a look in your home. It’s a feast for the eyes and never once am I overwhelmed walking in, in fact, I feel like my time is truly valued whenever I enter, everything is expertly placed so that it gets the attention it deserves.

Tiny Finch Oil & Grain
Tiny Finch Oil & Grain
Tiny Finch Oil & Grain
Tiny Finch Oil & Grain
Tiny Finch Oil & Grain

So how did this #ladyboss do it? Previous Courtney was in commercial real estate, when she moved to San Antonio she couldn’t seem to find the job she wanted. Her sister had a boutique and in sisterly fashion, she convinced Courtney to open up her own clothing store – which didn’t surprise me, Courtney has great style. The lifestyle, her sister said, would allow her to start a family and of course, participate in fun buying trips to LA with her. And so she did, but with what money you ask? If I haven’t made it clear yet, Courtney is a smart cookie. She had a piece of property in Austin, nothing fancy, until she flipped it twice that is. In doing that she made a decent amount of money that allowed her to start her own business. This business I am referring to however, is not The Tiny Finch. The clothing store was a success and Courtney decided to sell it. She took a break for a few years, focused on her young family and then the creative itch was too strong for her not to scratch it. Enter The Tiny Finch.

Tiny Finch Oil & Grain
Tiny Finch Oil & Grain
Tiny Finch Oil & Grain
Tiny Finch Oil & Grain
Tiny Finch Oil & Grain

I admire and am inspired by Courtney. She took a leap. I asked her how, I mean, where was the fear and how did she overcome it? What if it didn’t work out and the money she gained from putting her efforts into flipping her Austin home were wasted?

“I’d rather try and fail thAn not try at all. Regret is hard to shake, fear is terrorizing."

“At the end of the day, its just money” she said to me. In hearing that I was all reactionary ‘JUST money?!’ and then I took a minute to let it sink in, and THEN I felt relief. She’s right. Yes money is important, it plays a role in everyone’s life BUT it’s not like losing a limb or a loved one, it can be earned back.

As I internally rode this emotional roller coaster, she continued on, “I’d rather try and fail then not try at all. Regret is hard to shake, fear is terrorizing. Just start somewhere.”


Tiny Finch Oil & Grain
Tiny Finch Oil & Grain
Tiny Finch Oil & Grain
Tiny Finch Oil & Grain

On staying fit:

Courtney’s workout routine includes swimming and cycling, the latter at JoyRide with yours truly, often at 5:30am, because it makes her feel good - that’s what she tells herself when the alarm goes off at the crack of dawn. She has some issues with her knees so these activities are perfect cardio options for her. Exercise also helps her be present when she’s spending time on things that matter to her. It helps her stay focused when she’s wearing her entrepreneur hat, present when spending time with her friends and family, and feeling more balanced and sane overall.

Present day Courtney is mom to the best kids, boss to the best employees, wife to the best husband and one of the very best members of our big but small San Antonio community. If you’re in town go to The Tiny Finch immediately. If you’re out of town, have no fear, you can shop from the shop online knowing that Courtney has expertly and instinctively selected each piece, just for you.

~xo LDLF


You Need These at the Pool/Lake/Beach [Seriously]

Pool toys are acceptable for adults #finally. Tay & Calvin might have had something to do with it, I have to give them credit for giving pool swans a little attention however their popularity didn't end the same way their relationship did. If anything, pool floats are gaining in popularity, and why not?! Something as glorious as this should not be a trend, it should be a household staple passed down from generation to generation. I've spotted them in more and more stores this summer, big daddies like Target, Urban Outfitters and Nordstroms are carrying them as are small boutiques and dollar stores. Upon purchasing 2, a doughnut and pineapple, my only learning is that one should also purchase an electric pump as opposed to a manual bike pump - unless you want to get a workout in before hitting the water #idont.

Pool Toys on Oil & Grain

The Pool Toys:

(Hot or not these pool toys & accessories will make you jump in a body of water solely for the sake of getting to use them.)

*If you're on your iphone #stupidquestion tap on the arrows you can barely see on either side of the images to see more and more and more.

The Accessories:

The Suits & Soles:



*Pizza, seashell + drink float photo cred: Urban Outfitters

Puma Sneakers // Thank You MISSBISH

I've always thought of myself and my babely friends as icons (HA) so it's only fitting that a trio of us won iconic Suede Classics from Puma + MISSBISH. In the spirit of kickin' it old school, I paired them with high socks (courtesy of Stance - if you haven't checked out their socks yet you gotta - so many styles, all fantastic) and denim shorts (I almost popped a pair of 70's gym shorts on reminiscent of Parker Posey in Dazed and Confused... I'll save that look for another post). I then proceeded to make an attempt at testing out my husband's skateboard. I made 1 lap around the parking lot safely and then called it quits. Ain't nobody got time for scrapped knees in summer.

Things I love about these sneakers:

1. They're black and white. Nuff said.

2. The logo is sparkly gold, the way to my heart.

3. They're suede.

4. They're teenage skater girl cute but classic enough for a 30 year old to wear (wink, wink)

MissBish X Oil & Grain X PumaWomen
MISSBISH X Oil & Grain X PumaWomen




Keep Your Avocado Fresh

How To Keep An Avocado Fresh on Oil & Grain

If you're living that 'avo life' like the rest of society, you've likely come up against a brown, unappealing looking avocado in your fridge that you'd cut into and saved for later. So what's the solve? Lucky you, I'm about to let you in on the secret....

Leave the pit in and press plastic (aka Saran) wrap right against the exposed parts. Put it in the fridge. Yes, that is it.

How To Keep An Avocado Fresh on Oil & Grain

I realize I am making this sound quite serious but this was a game changer for me. I haaaaated scrapping the weird, semi-hard brown layer off of a cut avo, what a waste!


Here are a few adorable avocaod tees + tanks annnnnd useful avocado accessories!

~xo LDLF

The Perfect Bag for Daily Adventures // lululemon athletica

a strong desire to travel.
"a woman consumed by wanderlust"

Thanks to lululemon, I was lucky enough to satisfy my wanderlustiness, travelling to Marfa, Texas with an INCREDIBLE group of makers and shakers recently and I am still covered in goosebumps from the conversations, experiences, and connections. Upon arriving home, I wake up to a not-so-gentle knock on my front door to a too-cheery-for-7am Fedex man and he hands me this, a brand spankin' new Wanderlust diversity bag from lululemon athletica. It's like the Houston store manager just KNEW what I needed - I recently had an issue with a critter eating a hole through my favorite lululemon gym bag but we don't need to get into that here. Within minutes I had this beauty of a bag packed for a yoga class followed by some pool time and I'll be honest, the hang tag told me it was going to be big enough to hold everything I need yet small enough not to be a nuisance but I was still skeptical. It's smaller than my standard "duffel for the day" but somehow it holds everything. It must have some magical powers like Hermione Granger's purse or something (yes that was an HP reference). The pattern is perfect for summer and the deep shades of green mean it's going to transition into fall quite nicely. The fabric is waterproof and there are strategically sized pockets that I will use in an attempt to keep my bag organized. I am still waiting for the day when someone looks in my bag and thinks 'wow, she's really got her shit together'. I think this bag just might be the one to get me one step closer to my goal.

I wore my yoga outfit out of the house #duh (Align Crops + Black Swiftly tank *note, it took years for lululemon to be able to make a BLACK swiftly, so if you don't have one go get one, it's like owning a unicorn) so my post-class stuff is what made it's way into my new best friend - I mean bag: see la lista below.

What's in the bag?

Denim shorts are One Teaspoon - I have 4 pairs and I will honestly never buy another brand again. They are THE BEST denim shorts and they have a million styles so you're sure to find a fit you like.

The white bikini top (see below) is an off the shoulder number from Target. It's trendy, cute as hell and $25. You can't go wrong.

My headphones are Urbanears from Luke's Drug Mart in Calgary. They come in lots of great colors, you can also hit up this link for a couple of colors I'm coveting for fall or head to the Urbanears website directly to see all of the options!

The gorgeous mala is from my equally as gorgeous mom. You can find the details on my previous blog post.

Sunscreen is an SPF 50 spray from Shiseido that doesn't cause any skin issue so I love it.

Always bring a bandana with you to wipe of the sweat, yes it's true, girls sweat. You can also use it as a cold compress of sorts, pop it in icy water and then lay it across your chest, tie it around your neck, whatever you need.

PS Marfa post coming soon!

~xo LDLF


Image cred: yours truly & lululemon athletica.

Sunday Reading // Link Love

Long weekends are for trolling the internet (let's just say I've been very active on Pinterest this weekend) in bed with a glass of wine in hand (just me?). If you're in Texas it's also for slathering yourself with aloe vera. Here's what caught my eye this weekend, enjoy!

  • I got lost in Mrs. French's (from Bliss blog) Pinterest boards for more time than I'm willing to admit. I trust you will too.
  • I listened to this summer playlist from The Fresh Exchange on repeat.
  • My husband sent me this link, watch his feet on the board - unreal! **To note, he's riding to a Dolly Parton song, who happens to be touring this year #hallelujah
  • Do you cover your vital organs when you speak? Read these 4 body language tips from a champion public speaker.
  • I bought this off-the-shoulder bikini top from Target - the picture doesn't do it justice, it's adorable.
  • I'm reading this book right now, if there's truth to it you should see some improvements on the blog soon ;)
  • Long weekends are also for online shopping apparently, I also bought this Texas t-shirt (I'm supporting local so it's justified).
  • I want to eat this Chile-Lime Grilled Corn from Love and Lemons:

~xo LDLF

Images from the Bueno Shop, Love and Lemons and YouTube.