Knit Dresses You Need Now // Sweather

Labor Day has passed, break out your cozy knits and Bon Iver album, it's fall y'all.

Sweater dresses are the best. They're cozy, comfortable, and... forgiving. Loose in nature, one must pair them with the right accessories to avoid looking like the paper bag princess in knit form. They come in a variety of styles, consider when/where you will wear it most and shop based on that. If it's your new Sunday coffee run staple, grab something that pairs well with casual accessories like a worn ball cap and sneakers. If you're going to wear it do dinner with the girls, find one that has some flare, like open shoulders or zipper detailing (like the blue and grey ones below).



Wear high tops, mules, or classic low-top sneakers.


Wear a top knot, ball cap or a messy, laid back hairstyle.


A classic no fuss watch, big rings, or a few bangles.


A cross body bag, bold/patterned clutch (snakeskin for example, a bucket bag

~xo LDLF


*images from Pinterest; Chronicles of Her, Studded Hearts, FIGTNY, ASOS.

Books On My Nightstand //

So these books are stacked on my nightstand.

Does anyone else do this? Put them next to your bed like it's going to motivate you to read them before bed vs. scrolling through Instagram or watching Netflix? Or desperately (hope) think that osmosis works for books, just transports information into your brain while you sleep?

(What I'm actually begging the universe for when I stack books on my nightstand is that they'll come up with the perfect business for me to start, start the business for me and dump $100,000,000 into my bank account by the time I wake up. Hasn't happened yet.)

This is never going to happen.

I know you know that and I know that so all jokes aside, what should we do? Read them. I've read these ones and they're good, and in all honesty, a part of me keeps them on my nightstand to remind me about all of the goodness in them. (To note, most of them have to do with entrepreneurship because that's what I'm knee deep in deciphering right now.) So scroll down, I've given you a little 'why I read these books and liked them' below. Maybe pick one up and settle in for a good read this long weekend.

Oil & Grain #ladyboss Books

"Started From the Bottom" ~Drake:

Growth Hacker Marketing: The internet has changed marketing. As such I think it wise to wonder what's up next in the world of marketing and how the internet and social media is impacting it. If you want your business to grow this book is a MUST. If you are in marketing this book is a MUST. It's quick and dirty, full of examples, strategies, reasoning and ideas applicable for anyone who wants to grow their business. Truth bomb: your product has to be worth talking about.

Disrupt Yourself: If you have the entrepreneur bug (good for you, I do too!) read this. Whether you are a struggling entrepreneur or one that is thriving, the world is changing fast, more people are creating opportunities for themselves and it's getting increasingly competitive to have your business/product stand out. This book is fantastic at getting your mind working about how to disrupt what you know and how you are doing things in order to see success.

The Desire Map: All the feels come out reading this one. A workbook and read, Danielle LaPorte is all about creating goals based on how you want to feel vs. creating goals that look good/goals that someone else wants you to set/goals you think you are supposed to set/I could go on forever. If you struggle to set goals but understand the importance of having them in some way, shape or form, this book just might do the trick for you.

Start With Why: Ever heard of Eric Thomas, the Hip Hop Preacher? Having a 'why' is powerful and important. If you don't believe me, believe him. And this book.

The Glitter Plan: Remember Juicy Couture sweatsuits? Yes, you do. Why? Because every single star wore one and you probably did too. Pam & Gela started their business with $200 in Gela's apartment. Want to know what their secret sauce is? Read it.

Millionaire Teacher: I am a firm believer that school does not teach us some crucial sh*t. Namely, how to deal with your finances when you hit adulthood. This one is about smart spending and investing so if you're a self proclaimed dummy in this area like me, you'll find it valuable.

#GIRLBOSS: Yes I realize you've probably had this book recommended to you on a million other sites so consider this: there's a reason. Sophia Amoruso is the Founder and CEO of Nasty Gal and she is wildly successful and gloriously sarcastic. She tells you how she did it without the fluff and without leaving anything out.

Everybody Writes: If you text, tweet, email, etc. you are a writer, rejoice! This book uses simple language and a concise layout to get this message across. On almost every page you'll find methods you can use to improve your writing yet it isn't an overwhelming read (probably because the author is a really good writer). I recommend having a highlighter close by, mark up the points that are valuable to you and review them before writing your next piece. If you have a blog, want to start a blog, are too afraid to start a blog because you think you aren't a writer read this book. It will put your mind at ease, fill you with confidence and equip you with tools.

Now go read!

~xo LDLF

The Tiny Finch // SATX

Tiny Finch Oil & Grain

Imagine shopping for a living, buying based on gut instinct, and having people shower you with compliments at what you’ve selected… and this is how you earn a living. #lifegoals anyone? I’ve just described a fabulous corner of Courtney Beauchamp’s life, owner of The Tiny Finch, a store that everyone wants to buy from and everyone wishes they owned in one of San Antonio’s trendiest neighborhoods, Pearl.

"It’s a sensory experience stepping into The Tiny Finch."

She describes it as a ‘lifestyle store’, people place an emotional value on things and let me tell you, Courtney does a fantastic job selecting items that evoke a feeling in a girl. It’s a sensory experience stepping into The Tiny Finch. You’re greeted with heaps of vibrant textiles (all of which you’ll want to touch), scents from various lotions and candles (that somehow blend perfectly together), jewelry that you can’t wait to try on and that piece of furniture you’ve been hunting for to complete a look in your home. It’s a feast for the eyes and never once am I overwhelmed walking in, in fact, I feel like my time is truly valued whenever I enter, everything is expertly placed so that it gets the attention it deserves.

Tiny Finch Oil & Grain
Tiny Finch Oil & Grain
Tiny Finch Oil & Grain
Tiny Finch Oil & Grain
Tiny Finch Oil & Grain

So how did this #ladyboss do it? Previous Courtney was in commercial real estate, when she moved to San Antonio she couldn’t seem to find the job she wanted. Her sister had a boutique and in sisterly fashion, she convinced Courtney to open up her own clothing store – which didn’t surprise me, Courtney has great style. The lifestyle, her sister said, would allow her to start a family and of course, participate in fun buying trips to LA with her. And so she did, but with what money you ask? If I haven’t made it clear yet, Courtney is a smart cookie. She had a piece of property in Austin, nothing fancy, until she flipped it twice that is. In doing that she made a decent amount of money that allowed her to start her own business. This business I am referring to however, is not The Tiny Finch. The clothing store was a success and Courtney decided to sell it. She took a break for a few years, focused on her young family and then the creative itch was too strong for her not to scratch it. Enter The Tiny Finch.

Tiny Finch Oil & Grain
Tiny Finch Oil & Grain
Tiny Finch Oil & Grain
Tiny Finch Oil & Grain
Tiny Finch Oil & Grain

I admire and am inspired by Courtney. She took a leap. I asked her how, I mean, where was the fear and how did she overcome it? What if it didn’t work out and the money she gained from putting her efforts into flipping her Austin home were wasted?

“I’d rather try and fail thAn not try at all. Regret is hard to shake, fear is terrorizing."

“At the end of the day, its just money” she said to me. In hearing that I was all reactionary ‘JUST money?!’ and then I took a minute to let it sink in, and THEN I felt relief. She’s right. Yes money is important, it plays a role in everyone’s life BUT it’s not like losing a limb or a loved one, it can be earned back.

As I internally rode this emotional roller coaster, she continued on, “I’d rather try and fail then not try at all. Regret is hard to shake, fear is terrorizing. Just start somewhere.”


Tiny Finch Oil & Grain
Tiny Finch Oil & Grain
Tiny Finch Oil & Grain
Tiny Finch Oil & Grain

On staying fit:

Courtney’s workout routine includes swimming and cycling, the latter at JoyRide with yours truly, often at 5:30am, because it makes her feel good - that’s what she tells herself when the alarm goes off at the crack of dawn. She has some issues with her knees so these activities are perfect cardio options for her. Exercise also helps her be present when she’s spending time on things that matter to her. It helps her stay focused when she’s wearing her entrepreneur hat, present when spending time with her friends and family, and feeling more balanced and sane overall.

Present day Courtney is mom to the best kids, boss to the best employees, wife to the best husband and one of the very best members of our big but small San Antonio community. If you’re in town go to The Tiny Finch immediately. If you’re out of town, have no fear, you can shop from the shop online knowing that Courtney has expertly and instinctively selected each piece, just for you.

~xo LDLF


You Need These at the Pool/Lake/Beach [Seriously]

Pool toys are acceptable for adults #finally. Tay & Calvin might have had something to do with it, I have to give them credit for giving pool swans a little attention however their popularity didn't end the same way their relationship did. If anything, pool floats are gaining in popularity, and why not?! Something as glorious as this should not be a trend, it should be a household staple passed down from generation to generation. I've spotted them in more and more stores this summer, big daddies like Target, Urban Outfitters and Nordstroms are carrying them as are small boutiques and dollar stores. Upon purchasing 2, a doughnut and pineapple, my only learning is that one should also purchase an electric pump as opposed to a manual bike pump - unless you want to get a workout in before hitting the water #idont.

Pool Toys on Oil & Grain

The Pool Toys:

(Hot or not these pool toys & accessories will make you jump in a body of water solely for the sake of getting to use them.)

*If you're on your iphone #stupidquestion tap on the arrows you can barely see on either side of the images to see more and more and more.

The Accessories:

The Suits & Soles:



*Pizza, seashell + drink float photo cred: Urban Outfitters